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News Releases
Paediatrics in Practice 2016 Penang
14 August 2016

Penang, 14th August 2016 – Kotra Pharma (M) Sdn. Bhd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Kotra Industries Berhad, has held its Paediatrics in Practice 2016 in Penang on the 14th of august 2016.

The main purpose for this event is to bring insights to healthcare professionals with current management and developments of some common diseases faced by children as well as topics on quality, safety and efficacy of local/generic medications.

Key events for Paediatric in Practice held in Penang is as follows:

  • Lectures focusing on Cutaneous Fungal & Atypical Bacterial Skin Infection
  • Launching of the 2nd Atlas of Paediatric Diseases
  • Panel discussion: Challenges in fungal skin infections in paediatrics & ways to move forward

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