Research & Development

Innovative research and development (R&D) is the cornerstone of our goal to provide premium yet accessible healthcare. Kotra Pharma is committed to invest 5% annually in research and development for continuous formulation innovation.

Quality Assurance

Kotra Pharma goes to great lengths to ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of our products. This constant pursuit of excellence is reflected in every Kotra Pharma product and as evidenced by the stringent international manufacturing guidelines we abide by.

 With healthcare products ranging from tablets and capsules to ointments and injectables, Kotra Pharma has 217 products registered with the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Control Board. All products meet the international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and comply with the PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention / Scheme) guide on GMP. Kotra Pharma is certified by the ISO9001:2000 system, and has been rigorously improving our manufacturing facility, equipment, staff knowledge and skills.

Future Product Pipeline

Medicines are developed through a series of controlled trials which assess the safety and efficacy of each new medicine by applying high scientific standards. By combining the wide-ranging talents of our R&D employees in Kotra Pharma with our leading edge science resources, we are dedicated to bringing more medicines of value to patients.

Scientific research and development have always been the cornerstones of our company. Today, we conduct research and development in a broad range of therapeutic categories – including cough and cold, infectious diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, dermatology, and fertility care.

Kotra Pharma will continue to have best in class technologies to focus on our pharmaceutical business through our strong product portfolio in Axcel Paediatric Care, Axcel & Vaxcel Anti Infective, Axcel Dermatology Care and Axcel Gastroenterology.

And, to help achieve our goal of humanizing health and improving lives around the world for healthier tomorrow, we are expanding our capabilities in new areas, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and oncology in near future.

Licensing And Allliances

Partnerships are fundamental to everything we do. We share your vision for bringing innovative products to patients around the world.

We're interested in working with a wide range of partners, in all phases of scientific and technical development throughout the world, including:

  Pharmaceutical Companies
  Academic Researchers and Institutions
  Innovators in Healthcare Services or Technologies

We are committed to ensuring that open communication, transparency and flexibility are at the core of every partnership.

We have a dedicated business development team to evaluate and execute acquisitions, partnerships, in-licensing and out-licensing in Primary Care, Specialty Care, Emerging Markets, Established Products, Diversified Businesses and Research & Development.

We welcome opportunities for collaboration in all phases and areas of scientific and technical development including:

  Small Molecules


Clinical Trials

Kotra Pharma takes pride being one of the rare local pharmaceutical companies to embark on various clinical trials. Every year, a substantial amount of the R&D funds are pump into important patient trials such as Bioequivalent trials and Post Marketing Trials.

Currently, Kotra Pharma is taking the Vaxcel range of sterile injectable to greater heights by demonstrating clinically proven efficacy through innovative Therapeutic Equivalence trials.

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